By Aviv Gefen (Author)

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One day, when Eliot asked that I read him a story like he does every evening, I told him that the most beautiful story is found in my imagination, and maybe the evening was drawn from there This is a story, a story that is only ours .
And here is our story now.
I hope you will love it as much as Eliot did...

There was nothing Louis Kristen loved more than trains, and his greatest dream was to travel on the most beautiful and fastest train of the Silverline company. Henry, Louis's carpenter father, promised him that in honor of Christmas he would take him on such a trip. But then things go wrong. Henry was injured and the dream was cut short. A chance meeting with a mysterious old man will turn the legend upside down.
Aviv Gefen tells his son Eliot and you too a magical Christmas fairy tale in the spirit of the good old classics.

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