By Orit Ilan (Author)

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Does life have a path? Is there a path that marks a way and a pattern, like the imaginary lines that connect the stars and create images of a bull, a hunter and a wagon on the dome of the sky? And if there is a course, then it is also possible to deviate from it - this, in any case, is the trait that gnaws at the heroes of Sister to the Pleiades: the feeling that their lives have moved along a course and that something, somehow, has diverted them from it.
Sometimes they manage to call this "something" by name, to identify the cause of the deviation from the path. But that doesn't make things more understandable or less arbitrary. The meaning slips through their fingers, revolves around things and does not stick.
Each and every one of them seeks a solution to this arbitrariness within himself, in his encounters with others and in a world overflowing with "experts for suffering": healers and sorcerers, doctors of the body and mental doctors, academic researchers, prophets-in-their-own-sights and spiritual teachers. The book follows them in writing full of momentum and humor, with compassion and irony.
This is Orit Ilan's third book. Her first book, "Until the wedding, this will pass" (Am Oved, 1991), earned her the Ekoum prize. Her second book, "The Practical Book for Mothers" (Radium, 2016), was nominated for the Sapir Prize.

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