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small medium large - a game for learning size and space relationships and developing the ability to observe and adjust. In this game, the child will learn the differences between small, medium and large in three stages. One card shows a picture with a large-sized figure or object, the middle picture shows a picture with a medium-sized figure or object and the third picture shows a small-sized figure or object. In the threes you will find the following topics: musical instruments, animals, household utensils, kitchen utensils, transportation tools and more. For example - in the series of ratio cards on the subject of musical instruments you will find the following images: large - grand piano, medium - electric guitar, small - harmonica. In preparation for the game, place a card in front of your child and attach the corresponding cards to him. Show the child the differences between the cards. Continue assembling all the cards in the same way. Matching cards will complete each other like in a puzzle. how do you play? Matching game: Shuffle the cards and scatter them while the pictures are visible. Each participant in turn makes up a trio. Competitive memory game: Shuffle the cards and place them in rows face down. Each participant in turn turns over three cards and shows them to everyone. If they match, he places them next to him and turns over three more cards. If they do not match, he returns them upside down and the turn goes to the next participant. what's in the box 36 quality playing cards that make up 12 threes Age: 2-5 Participants: 2-4

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