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Romi was an excellent student, a devastatingly handsome man and a gifted footballer. His future was paved before him in every field. There wasn't a single girl in our school who didn't have a crush on him. He was everything I dreamed of at the age of sixteen - and he was unaware of my existence. A year later fate brought us together. Admittedly, at that moment I didn't think about fate. But today, from a distance of ten years, I know that it was the hand of fate that evening. It was also the hand of fate that separated us. Life sent Rumi on the path he had been heading towards since childhood. Life sent me on a different path, far from everything I dreamed of. When I was a girl and had many dreams for the future, Romi was my main dream. Today is the embodiment of my biggest nightmare. Now he's back and it looks like our paths are crossing again. But I'm not sixteen anymore. And I stopped dreaming a long time ago. Something from Me by bestselling author Sandra Hebe is a contemporary novel about shattered dreams and an addictive love that burns even after years. This is a story about a second chance for love and making dreams come true. Additional books by the writer - the series Do that... Do that I remember, Do that I forget and Do that I forgive. The duet until you arrived and before you go and the books Faith, Jade and whatever the heart desires. All the books reached the status of bestsellers and were very successful.

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