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In his fascinating book Springs and Deserts of My Life, retired judge Zvi Segal wanders through the fields of law, distilling the essence of shocking cases that stirred the legal world and the entire country, and shares with the reader unusual and inspiring emotional experiences that took place behind the scenes in his office. It is a journey of words that long to express the deepest and most personal truths about the meaning of being a judge, a journey that reveals not only fateful decision-making processes, but also the heavy prices involved in leading such a demanding lifestyle. Among other things, Judge Segal dives - for the first time - into the intricacies of the murder tragedy of the late Hanit Kikos, which served as a key lever for his transition from the district court in Be'er Sheva to its counterpart in Jerusalem and was a stumbling block at other points in his career. This rare glimpse into the point of view of a judge caught in the eye of the storm in the media in which he himself - his personality and conduct - "went on trial", may surprise many or, unfortunately, provide explanations. The one who led countless explosive discussions with a high-handedness, who is considered to be harsh at times to the point of horror, reveals himself here as a sensitive and curious person, who likes to ask and longs to answer, while revealing himself without inhibitions or fear. The sharing of many retrospective insights - among other things regarding the Iranian flight attendant who hijacked a passenger plane to Israel, the defamation lawsuit filed by former minister Natan Sharansky, the abuse of helpless crew members, the nuclear spy Mordechai Vanuno, Elor Azaria, despicable murderers and rapists, a moment of qualified kindness, the sweet cherry In the worlds of education after his retirement from judging, and above all, his great apology - turns Judge Segal's autobiography into a living and vibrant document, and a worthy personal example in the challenging reality of our lives. "The book - Otzar Bloom - testifies to enormous effort, talent, uniqueness, good sense, and endless dedication." (Noam Solberg, Judge of the Supreme Court) Zvi Segal, Vice President of the District Court of Jerusalem (retired), served as a judge for 33 years, of which over 15 years as a judge in serious crime cases and appeals. Since his retirement, he teaches law and lectures before various forums in the education and security bodies, and serves as head of a statutory committee (special release committee for life prisoners).

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