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...although she became famous in contemporary romance books, Moyes proves that she is equally excellent in writing a historical novel... 'Gift of Stars' is a celebration of love, but also of reading, of knowledge, of female friendship, of the beauty of remote and rural corners and of American Courage: The same true courage that can be found in the Kentucky mountains and within the pages of this inspiring book. Washington Post Hoping to escape her stifling life in England, Alice Wright marries handsome American Bennett Van Cleve. But the small Kentucky town turns out to be somewhat claustrophobic, especially when her husband's domineering father also lives in the house. So when Alice learns about Eleanor Roosevelt's new initiative, which recruits women for a book distribution campaign in underserved towns, she enthusiastically joins. The expedition is led by Margery, an independent and bold woman, who has never needed the approval of any man, and together with two other women, the mounted librarians go on the road, to the Kentucky mountains and beyond. Their stories - and the stories of the men they love - create an unforgettable drama about loyalty, justice, compassion and passion. The brave women refuse to dance to the men's songs or obey conventions. Even though they are forced to face dangerous situations in a beautiful, but sometimes cruel landscape, they remain dedicated to their mission: giving books and life-changing knowledge to those who cannot reach them in any other way. Gift of Stars unfolds a wide-ranging and impressive story based on real events in the past of the United States. This is a book that will become a modern classic - a gripping, funny, heartbreaking and exciting novel about female friendship, about true love and what might happen when we reach beyond the limit of our ability, into the unknown.

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