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Avishai Sher-Shalom, a world-renowned economist and a leading candidate for the Nobel Prize, was found dead in his bed one evening, after apparently suffering a heart attack. His close friends, who find his body, begin to prepare for the funeral arrangements; But then one of them offers an unusual idea, the results of which cannot be predicted. Stockholm follows the events of the five - the living and the dead - for eight days. Against the background of extreme circumstances that stretch the boundaries of their friendship, the story of the life and complex relationships of Yehuda, the childhood friend who aspires to greatness, unfolds; Zohra, the author of memoirs and the lover of Lat Mitzvah; Amos, also a successful economist; Vanilla, an impatient pediatrician. Slowly their hidden motives are also revealed, which have nothing and a half to do with friendship. Naa Yadlin's new book is a comic-tragic novel, designed with poignant realism and unexpected moments of absurdity. With precision and sophistication, the work reveals the subtle mechanisms that drive evil, and details love and jealousy, friendship and competition, life and death. Noa Yadlin is the recipient of the Sapir Prize for Literature. Her books: The Housewife (Zamora Beitan, 2013), Life on a Shelf (Zamora Beitan, 2010) and Difficult Questions for Allah - You Ask, God Answers (Hargol/Eam Oved, 2005).

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