By Barkai Aviram (Author)

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Why didn't they say "preparation for war"? Why? Aviram Barkai has been researching the Yom Kippur War for 15 years now. The war that the State of Israel still bears its traumatic burden. Lately he felt enough. It's time to break free from her clutches. But not before closing one more corner - how did it happen that the last to know about the war, and to properly prepare for it, were actually the first to encounter it - the few fighters in Sinai and the Golan Heights? Barkai immersed himself in the protocols, dived into the depths of the archives, had long conversations with fighters, commanders and intelligence researchers. The disturbing findings piled up. The list of those responsible grew longer (no, you can't blame everything on Amn and "the concept"). Can go wrong with it - did go wrong. A Sabbath in which almost everything that should have happened - did not happen. A Sabbath that consumed the lives of an entire generation. Perhaps Barkai's as well. Aviram Barkai researches and writes about Israel's wars, author of the books: On Balima - The Story of a Brigade The 188th Armored Corps in the Yom Kippur War; In the Name of Heaven - the stories of Phantom Squadron 201 in the Yom Kippur War; Wings of Error - a series of interviews with Major General Eli Zaira and other senior officials following the sources of the erroneous intelligence assessment before the Yom Kippur War; We are on the Black - the story of the combat of the expanded 500 Brigade in the Galilee Peace War; an act that did not happen - the refutation of the central conspiracy theory of the Yom Kippur War; nevertheless - milestones in the story of the chosen people and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In addition, he is a guide, a lecturer, an advanced driving guide and the author of 12 books on Jeeps, motorcycles, rescue, off-road trips, and also one children's book, for the sake of the soul. Suddenly there was a war he His 19th book.

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