By Noah Harari Yuval (Author)

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Scientific research never ends. The book has created a dialogue between me and many readers who have been born new insights, and Oren is updated the original edition. ' Yuval Noah Harari a century ago lived on Earth at least six different species of a person. None of them were of special importance. Their role in nature was not greater than that of gorillas, fireflies or sea horses. About seventy years ago, some mysterious change in the consciousness of one of these sexuality - gay Sapies - and pushed him to take over the entire world. History of Homo Sapies since then she is Sometimes shocking, sometimes entertaining and always fascinating. What exactly happened to Homo Sapies seventy thousand years ago That pushed him to take over the world? How and why did all the rest of the human being disappeared? When did the dog become a person's good friend? When did they invent The money and the big gods, and why? Inferior to men? Is it possible to have a human society without discrimination and without prejudice? Is it possible to control efficiently and over time In pickled peoples? How did science, capitalism and Europe have conquered the world? Is history to be directed? Is there justice in history? Do humans become happier throughout history? A person on Earth in a century? In short, human history is trying to offer answers about these and other questions, And give Bezeq review on key processes and the main turning points of history since the appearance of man on the world stage And to the present day. The book invites us to the backstage of history, and emphasizes to us how strange the plot, how much Unexpected are the players, and how little we know about our past.

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