By Kutsobievsky Abia (Author)

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I'm not a porcelain doll. I will not break. He smiles and runs his finger over my skin slowly in response. "So soft. I'll break you, Sole. It's only a matter of time." Anna Raine An encounter with a mysterious and beautiful stranger was described on the picturesque shores of Mykonos... Who could resist the charm? I fell in love with him. When I found out the truth, it was too late to run away. The strength and power that accompany his beauty is a dangerous weapon aimed directly at me; His darkness is the finger on the trigger, and something tells me he won't hesitate to shoot and shatter me into a thousand pieces. Dante Russo As my father's successor at the head of the organization, I swore to act according to the laws. I saw what love can do and I vowed that history would never repeat itself. Then Anna came into my life. I told her that once she begins to discover the darkness in me, she will not be able to see the end of it, but she is fighting me with a weapon that I have no defense against. Love. She thinks she can be the sun in my darkness, but that's only because she still doesn't understand that I bring only death, blood and war with me. Shemesh Ba Apala is the first book by Abia Kotsobievsky. It's a gripping and exciting mafia story that you won't be able to put down throughout the reading.

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