By Zamir Yitzhak (Author)

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This book is intended for anyone who is interested in the Supreme Court and in the arguments heard against it recently proposals have been made to change the authority of the Supreme Court and the method for selecting judges. The proposals are based on several claims: that the court is biased in its judgment towards liberal values ??(some call them leftist); that he exceeds his authority and invades the areas reserved in a democratic country for the government and the Knesset; that it violates the principle of separation of powers and the government's ability to govern, and as a result causes damage to the public and the state. The book sets three goals: first, to present a true picture of the Supreme Court, and especially of the judicial review of government authorities; secondly, to deal with the criticism being heard about the composition and functioning of the Supreme Court; And thirdly, to explain that damage to judicial review, according to the widely published proposals, would be a serious damage to the public: in maintaining the rule of law, in the fight against governmental arbitrariness and corruption, and in the protection of human rights. Prof. Yitzhak Zamir was a lecturer and dean at the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University, the Attorney General and a Supreme Court judge. Among his other positions, he served as the chairman of the committee to examine the order of selection of judges, wrote several books and won many awards, including the Israel Award.

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