By Erickson Thomas (Author)

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A meeting with an angry businessman, who was sure that all his employees were idiots, led the behavioral researcher Thomas Erickson to invest years in painstaking research, during which it became clear to him that humans are divided into four main behavior types: ? Dominant and ambitious (red) ? Sociable and optimistic (yellow) ? Stable and kind (green) ? and analytical and careful (blue) Each of these types has a different behavior style. And with each of these types you should communicate in a different way. Surrounded by idiots describes the salient characteristics of the four types and the correct way to communicate with them. He explains how we can adapt ourselves to any type of behavior and influence him (or drive him out of his mind), tells about methods to improve our body language and communication with the boss and co-workers, and also demonstrates how you will recognize who you are and understand yourself better. So who are you? And who is the guy standing next to you? Surrounded by idiots will help you answer these questions, understand those around you and influence them. Surrounded by idiots will help you deal with a world that has quite a few... (you already know what). Thomas Eriksson is a Swedish behavioral researcher and communication expert. Along with his work with groups of managers, and the lectures he gives all over Europe, Erikson has published several books on communication and human behavior. His book Surrounded by Idiots has been translated into more than twenty languages ??and will soon sell two million copies.

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