By Erickson Thomas (Author)

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? They are everywhere. ? look like us. ? talk like us. ? Sometimes more charming than us. ? But they are not like us. These are the psychopaths. Those people who lack empathy and feelings of guilt can be found everywhere - from senior positions in the economy and politics to the office next door or the section of the bed next to you. In fact, one in 25 people, and maybe even more, is a psychopath, and their hurt can be painful, very painful. In his previous bestseller, Surrounded by Idiots, behavioral scientist Thomas Erickson divided humans into four behavior types (or colors) and emphasized their characteristics. In his new book, Surrounded by Psychopaths, he tells simply and with the accompaniment of fascinating case stories about the people of the fifth color, aka the psychopaths, and explains how to recognize them, how to deal with them, and also how to deal with mere manipulators who are not really psychopaths. Thomas Eriksson is a Swedish behavioral science researcher and communication expert. Along with his work with groups of managers, and the lectures he gives all over Europe, Erikson has published several books on communication and human behavior. His previous book, Surrounded by Idiots, was translated into more than twenty languages ??and was published in Hebrew by Kinneret Zamora.

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