By Ganon Rupin Kern (Author)

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Who would have believed that swans live in the prairie. Naya Anderson Naya had two choices. One was to bleed in the streets of the city and be torn to pieces and the other was to bleed in the dark, in silence and self-flagellation. She had to make up her mind, and make up her mind immediately. The international prima ballerina who conquered the stages of the world will be forced to face one of the most difficult decisions of her life. It will lead her to new paths and a reality she has never known. A reality that will teach her to deal with the results of her actions. "She looks like a black swan, not a single feather has been plucked from its body and it is as if it is free from any external flaw." indeed? Dror Sela After Dror's family unit is broken into pieces, trust is shattered and the beating heart stops, all that is left for him is to protect what he has left. Along with the palm trees, the greenhouses, the dusty mountains and the heavy heat, life in the arid steppe invited him surprises that would change his world. "It's like the rain when it falls here - surprising, sweeping and above all exhaling movement and life." Do the good guys always win and the bad guys always lose? When the hard truth presents itself and threatens to take from him again everything that is sacred to him, Dror will discover the answer to this question and prove that life is not black or white. Swan in the Prairie is Keren's fifth book. It was preceded by Hidden Intentions, Beneath the Surface, Alma Me, and Late Sun Ray, which were a resounding success among readers and garnered many praises.

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