By Karin Goren (Author)

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The book "Sweet Secrets 2" (surprising name, thank you J) is the result of 3 years of work - recipe development and countless attempts (and tastings!), writing, photography and design with all my heart and soul. The book started with 400 recipes that were reduced and reduced until the best 100 remained. The recipes are divided into 5 chapters: Chocolate! Corrupted chocolate cakes that are eaten alone. In the dark, baby of a diet - cakes, cookies, pastries and light desserts. Reduced fat and calories Homemade cakes - fluffy cheesecakes, impressive pie cakes, indulgent custard cakes and fragrant yeast cakes, which don't have to wait for guests to make who wants a cookie? - New ideas for diversifying the stock of cookies in the jar. Projects for advanced students - PhD in confectionery: macarons, croissants, cupcakes, brioche and more - try it - at school in hardcover, in an album format with 224 pages (exactly the same size as its big brother "Sweet Secrets"). I am very excited to send the book on its way, and I hope you will welcome my new baby with a big hug to your kitchen, yours, Karin Goren

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