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Tahrir 41 to Acapulco is a description of the dramatic 18 days that shook the State of Israel on the southern front in October 1973. Tahrir 41, the great deception exercise led by Egyptian President Anwar Sadat, in which the Egyptian army went within minutes from a routine military exercise to an all-out attack along the entire canal front, to Operation Aviri Lev - The breakthrough towards the Suez Canal and the code word "Acapulco" - 36 first paratroopers in the Egyptian Bank. Facing each other, the reader is exposed to a chain of fascinating events on both sides of the canal: the construction of the Egyptian war plan in all its details in the face of intelligence numbness and a conception led by the head of the Amen, Major General Eli Zaira: "a low probability of war", while fatefully ignoring all the telltale signs.
The first part of the book describes in great detail the moves on the Egyptian side from the moment of the decision to go to war: how the deception was built, how the Egyptian army, defeated six years earlier, prepared itself for a new campaign, and how the Israeli decision makers, at the political and military level, ignored everything that happened in Egypt .
The second part of the book details the heroic fighting that led to the great upheaval in the war and talks on a cease-fire when the IDF was 101 kilometers from Cairo and a large part of the Egyptian army was from Kotor.
Armorers, paratroopers, engineering personnel, gunners, armament and maintenance personnel - they were all there. The heroes of the glory and the trench, who brought about the great victory but at an unbearable price: about 2000 dead on the southern front and tens of thousands more wounded.
Ilan Kafir, former senior journalist, writer and biographer, was among the first 36 Suez Canal winners. For years he documented and researched the Yom Kippur War, mainly on the southern front.
This book is dedicated to my brothers, the heroes of the canal

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