By Bar Zohar Michael and Shael Nissim (Author)

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The operations of the Shin Bet members are often swallowed up in the pages of the press and do not always receive coverage or even mention. The 31 chapters of this book, the only one of its kind, which is based on extensive research and numerous interviews with Shin Bet veterans and its leaders, for the first time turn the spotlight on their decisive, diverse activities and the essentiality of the members of the General Security Service, who work tirelessly and often at the risk of their lives. In their unique and fluid style, which has already gained a reputation around the world in their best-selling books "The Mossad - The Great Operations" and "The Fighters Raided at Dawn", Bar-Zahar and Shahal present to us the story of the Shin Bet from its early days to the present day and reveal many operations that The book is full of revelations about a selection of unknown affairs including: the mole of the enemy that penetrated the Holy of Holies of the Shin Bet; Ben-Gurion's advisor who was a Soviet spy; How the most dangerous spy of all was captured; How was the KGB station eliminated? in Jerusalem; Which "seedlings" from the Golan Heights betrayed the Jewish underground; How did the treacherous woman from Gaza become a suicide bomber; Muhammad Daf, the terrorist with nine souls who was once again saved from elimination; the backpacks of the Awdallah brothers that contained the Hamas archive; What was the charming archbishop hiding in his magnificent car; The new cell phone that was handed over to the "engineer" - from the Shin Bet with love; The panicked broadcaster who reported that in 30 seconds the Hamas Chief of Staff will pass through Al Mokhtar Street in Gaza - and the result...; the wall of death that ambushed the master terrorist on his way to his mistress; and many more revelations about the high-risk art of seduction, persuasion and recruitment.

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