By Yenz Levy (Author)

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Front flap: "Drora? Who is Drora?" "Who is Drora?" Back after my sister. "She is the most monstrous teacher to have been on earth since the days of the ancient man." "Since the time of the dinosaurs," Dekla corrected. "How bad can she be?" I was wondering. "Even the teachers are afraid of Drora," said my sister. "Even the manager is afraid of her! You know what everyone calls her? Dro-Ra! In short, you ate her." Front cover: Netz Levy, author of the best-selling series The Adventures of David Aryeh, the teacher Drora is not a monster Illustrations: Yaniv Shimoni Back cover: Michael's school year started at the left moment: the queen of the class humiliates him in front of everyone, his best friend Zohar laughs at him and calls him a coward, and the worst Of all - his teacher is Drora, the scariest teacher in the school and in the whole world. This year he promised himself that he would not cry even once in front of everyone! All the troubles are dwarfed when a mysterious new girl arrives at the school. Suddenly Michael is ready for anything: play a leading role in the play, enter the scary abandoned house, form a secret gang and go looking for treasure. But did that girl come to school by chance? And maybe the fate of the whole school depends on her fate? A funny and exciting adventure story, for everyone who is in school and for those who were once students. Back flap: Yenz Levy is a writer, screenwriter and lecturer, recipient of the Public Libraries Award for 2010. The David Aryeh Schitzer adventure series was received with great enthusiasm and even won awards and critical acclaim. Her books were translated into various languages ??and were bestsellers. Teacher Drora is not a monster, his first book for youth, was inspired by his childhood memories. Yaniv Shimoni (The Adventures of David Aryeh, The Perfect Story, The Wizard of Oz) is an award-winning illustrator, animator, animation lecturer and comic creator.

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