By Dahan Dodo (Author)

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During his professional career, Dodo Dahan did almost everything: he was a footballer, video editor, scout, director of the youth department, sports director, coach, professional consultant and player agent. In the last 15 years as an agent for international soccer players, more than 1,000 players from Israel and the world passed under his hands. In these years he was involved in most of the most talked about and biggest deals of Israeli football. In his book, Agent Dahan reveals what really goes on behind the scenes and introduces readers to the wonderful world of the industry. He also talks about his childhood in the Bekaa neighborhood, the first steps as a footballer in Hapoel Jerusalem and the special relationship with the players and club owners and reveals exclusive details about the transactions that grabbed huge headlines in the media in Israel and Europe. With unconventional writing, Dehan manages to captivate the reader and bring him into his extraordinary world. His book covers many topics, including the secret flight to Barcelona, ??the grandmothers who quarreled over a coach who didn't field a player, the deal he made with Mourinho in a London restaurant, how he almost lost his life in Africa, why he preferred a business card to a salary, and how the footballer no one wanted beat Messi in the Champions League. The agent is not only a must-read for anyone who has the world of football close to their hearts, but also an instructive lesson for all beginners and dreamers.

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