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The Alchemist / Coelho Paulo Once in a generation a book appears that changes the lives of its readers. The Alchemist is such a book, perhaps due to its universal meaning: a man abandons his way of life and sets out to fulfill a dream. At the end of a long and inspiring journey, he discovers wonderful truths, about the wisdom of listening to the whispers of our heart, about the ability to recognize signals that come to us in the course of our lives, about the importance of observing ourselves, and above all - about the need to follow our dreams. The Brazilian author Paulo Coelho is considered the author whose books are the best sellers in Latin America. Coelho devoted eleven years to alchemy—that ancient and secret art—during which he learned its sign language and its practical workings. Yedioth Ahronoth also saw the light of day: On the Piadra river where I sat and wept, the devil and the virgin Priim, short. 146 pages

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