By Shifer Shimon (Author)

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There is almost no security or political event in recent decades in which Major General Amos Gilad was not involved - in the front or behind the scenes, openly or secretly. As a young officer in the Intelligence Division, on the eve of the First Lebanon War, Gilad was in close contact with the leaders of the phalanxes and warned that they were leading us to disaster. he was right. As the head of the research division at the AMN after the Oslo Accords, he warned that Arafat was facing a confrontation. His assessment was realized in the second intifada. As the coordinator of the government's operations in the territories, he had long talks with Abu Mazen, and as the head of the defense minister's political-security staff, he was in charge of the most sensitive relations with Egypt, Jordan and other countries. Gilad worked alongside five prime ministers and always made sure to tell his professional truth - even when no one was ready to listen. In the last two years, journalist Shimon Shifer, the senior political commentator of Yedioth Ahronoth, had a series of personal conversations with Gilad that dealt with policy issues and the security issues they were exposed to, each person within the scope of their duties. These conversations gave rise to the book before you. Among the revelations in the book that passed the approval of the military censor: - How the operation to bomb the nuclear reactor in Syria was born, that Gilad was in the limited team that prepared it. - The attempts to monitor the health status of the leaders of The region. - The consequences of the submarine affair, about which Gilad testified in the police. - The meetings with Arafat in Tunisia and what was the menu of the chairman of the authority during the siege of the Mukta. - The intimate conversations with General al-Sisi, later the president of Egypt, after the disengagement from the Gaza Strip. - The Mossad's false alarms that almost led to war with Syria, and Gilad's part in the exposure of Yehuda Gil - the operator of the agents who turned out to be a crook. - The meetings with Bashir Jumail in Beirut and the dramatic testimony at the Cohen Committee to investigate the massacre in Sabra and Shatila. The Warning - Conversations with Amos Gilad is intended for anyone who wants to deeply understand the processes and transformations in the Middle East, not only in theory but from the rich life experience of those who, until recently, stood at the crossroads of the most important decision-making. Along with the fascinating stories and descriptions of his experiences as an intelligence officer, the book is interwoven with the lessons and insights that Gilad formed during his long career. (For the front cover) Shimon Shifer, the reporter and political commentator for "Yediot Ahronoth" and one of the top journalists in Israel, began his journalistic career in 1974. Between the years 1979-1989 he served as the political reporter and Washington correspondent for Kol Israel, and in the late 1980s he joined " Latest news". As part of his duties, Shifer covered all the important political and security events of the last forty years, including the peace agreements with Egypt and Jordan, the Oslo talks, the first and second Lebanon wars, the first and second intifadas and the disengagement from the Gaza Strip. As a journalist, he accompanied the tenure of all the prime ministers from Begin to Netanyahu, held dozens of meetings and interviews with world leaders and signed hundreds of exposés and exclusive stories. The Warning - Conversations with Major General (Res.) Amos Gilad is Shimon Shifer's second book. His first book, "Bullet of 33: Secrets of the Lebanon War", was also published by "Yediot Books".

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