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Each person should ask himself how many truly loving people he has ever known" Erich From asks his readers, and goes on to claim that most people think about the issue of love not from the point of view of their ability to love, but from the point of being loved. They know that self-esteem is a major factor in a person's life, but they do not imagine that it is an acquired skill that must be learned and practiced.

In "The Art of Love" Fromm claims that love in its various aspects - romantic and erotic love, love of parents for their children, love of brothers, love of man for God and even self-love - is the only answer to human existence. It has the ability to solve the pains of our alienated and lonely generation, and to destroy the partitions that have arisen between people.

"The Art of Love" was published in 1956. In Hebrew it first appeared in 1964, and now in a new translation and an updated edition. The book has attracted generations of readers and over the years has become a classic. It sold six million copies worldwide, and is considered a trailblazer in its field.

Erich Fromm was a philosopher and psychoanalyst who worked in Europe and then in the United States and Mexico. His original views, expressed in his many books, influenced the concepts and thought in the 20th century

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