By Roman Samson (Author)

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In a small coastal town, the municipality publishes a tender for the construction of apartments for young couples - a welcome initiative that everyone had high hopes for until it was stopped due to the intrigues that preceded it. At the forefront of the struggle between the couples and the municipality are colorful characters, many with passions and longings, all captivating even in their weaknesses: a charismatic, charming and cruel mayor, who is preparing for the upcoming elections in the shadow of a police investigation, an inclusive opposition leader who tries in every way to prevail over him, a young lawyer who aspires to integrate into local politics , and the municipality's legal advisor, whose co-workers do not disclose what is happening in her home. Throughout the legal litigation over the construction project, a hesitant and many ups and downs love develops between her and the lawyer, and you never know which will prevail in the end - the dry voice of reason or the voice of the heart. From a deep and heartwarming acquaintance with human nature on all its sides, and from an extraordinary empathy for its heroes, Romit Samson, in a book of debuts, brings forth a rich variety of fascinating, amusing or upsetting characters, who confront or bond with each other, and with whom the reader is completely drawn into the plots of their lives until that he feels at home there.

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