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In his book The Battle for Gas, Dr. Yuval Steinitz, who served as Minister of Finance and Minister of Energy, gives us a rare glimpse into the dark, humorous, absurd and delusional side of the episodes of the main economic decision-making process in the country. Steinitz reveals a decade of terrible struggle with the big tycoons in the Israeli economy in general , and in the field of energy in particular. A decade in which he had to fight for his positions against the populists on the right and the left, against some of his members in the government and the Knesset, against journalists with an agenda, against a rigid and fixed bureaucracy in its positions, against the judges of the Supreme Court - and even against pressure from the former presidents of the United States , Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. During these brutal struggles, Steinitz also had some amusing moments, which are also described in the book, such as discovering how the mighty tycoon turns into a little boy shouting, "It's mine, it's mine - I got it first!" or being exposed to scenes where it seems that head The government and some of its ministers star in the British comedy series "Yes, Mr. Prime Minister". The book draws a straight line between the all-out war, which began with the decision to triple the taxes imposed on the energy companies, and the enactment of the Centralization Law that dismantled the economic pyramids and marked the end of the rule of the big tycoons in economics and In Israeli politics - until the formulation of the gas outline and the development of the country's natural treasures.

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