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In 1951, a young student from Princeton University wrote a thesis on investment companies. He never dreamed that his conclusions would cause an earthquake in the capital market and save millions of investors around the world hundreds of billions of dollars.

John Bogle revealed the method by which anyone can become a successful investor in the stock market, and explained why the best and safest way to buy a share of the capitalist dream is to buy a share of the entire market and not bet on a single company.

Bogle was the first to formulate an alternative and cracked the secret of profit in the investment world. If you can't beat the market, he taught, you have to join him. Armed with this insight, Bogle developed the index-mimicking mutual funds, which allow investors to spread their savings among hundreds of companies and reap the average return of all of them together. This was the first time that a product was released on the market that offers maximum profit with minimum risk. This was the beginning of the revolution.

Twenty-five years after writing the thesis, Bogle founded Vanguard, the investment firm that proposed to imitate the market rather than dominate it. In the beginning, everyone mocked him, but today Vanguard manages trillions of dollars and has made the capital market accessible to everyone. "My hero and that of millions of other investors," legendary investor Warren Buffett paid tribute to Bogle. The book in your hands will also teach you how to invest using the method that has proven itself to be a gateway to profits in the capital market.

• What are index funds - and why are they the best way to earn?
• How much is one shekel worth today that was invested a generation ago in the S&P 500 index or the Tel Aviv 125?
• Why is excitement the bitterest enemy of investment success?
• Afraid of losses in the capital market? This is how you will choose an investment fund wisely.

After changing the American investment world, for the first time John Bogle's best-selling book is presented in Hebrew to the Israeli audience. In clear language, with humor and with a lot of common sense, he is going to update everything you thought about the world of investments, and help you keep much more in your pocket.

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