By Agmon Yair (Author)

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Most people love calmly, calmly, out of a conscious and committed and orderly and effortful choice, here now I love, now I love, three four and, most people say to themselves, she is cute, and beautiful, and I had fun with her, so I think this is it, I think I will go for it. Most people love for nothing, without getting angry, but there are those, lucky ones, whores, whose love that emanates from them overwhelms them and overwhelms them and fills them and subdues them until their hearts swell with a warm overflow. sometimes it happens. It doesn't happen to everyone. Spra e X i o t is also the book of exes, in which there are five failed love stories, about men and women who wanted to fall in love, love and live happily and richly to this very day, but something didn't work out. They already searched, and found, and yearned, and loved, they already felt that this was it, that now it was real, and then came the bitter blow of parting. In the five love stories in the book there is no Hollywood "happy ending", far from it, there is life itself, rough and cracked, burning and gray, sad and full of generosity. The narrator here is a sort of mythological X of the Jewish folk narrator. Like him, he knows the characters intimately, gossips about them behind their backs with the readers, like him, he seems to know the way of the world and his ways better than the heroes of the stories, but time after time he turns out to be a broken man, and a broken heart, who has no idea about anything. Certainly not about love. And like the Jewish narrator, here too, in the book of exes, there is a lesson and a moral - no, don't be wary of love! - on the contrary, to celebrate it, wallow in it, crash with it, and branch through it this life, for its misery and its glory. Y. I. R. A. G. M. is a writer and film director. This is his sixth book.

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