By Neubirt Ronen (Author)

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The great believers are those who did not hesitate to ask even difficult and poignant questions. Firm faith does not shy away from curiosity and satisfaction, from wondering and wishing. Searching, researching and posing questions with determination and without fear - these are the engine of our growth. And even though we don't have an immediate answer, and in some cases we won't find an answer at all, the process itself is important in order to gain closeness to God. (Rabbi Ronen Neubirt, from the book) The Bridge of Faith is a programmatic and original book, which seeks to deal with fundamental issues of faith that have accompanied Jewish thought since time immemorial. In the first part, he ranges between the existential-personal world and the views of the post-modern man and classic questions of Jewish thought for generations, with an emphasis on Zionist-religious thought. The second part of the book is a collection of Rabbi Ronan's notes that reflect his personal world, in which he discusses the Holocaust from a religious perspective, the power of prayer, morals, morality and social justice, exile and redemption, and more. The book is signed with short words of remembrance from his family members and acquaintances, which reveal a little of his unique personality. The bridge of faith illuminates fascinating and interesting aspects of Rabbi Ronan's religious concept. The spiritual substrate that fertilized his vision and gave it its uniqueness and strength rests, among other things, on the thought of Sages and the teachings of Rabbi Kook. The starting point of the book is the courage to question and make difficult, and the fruits of this approach are presented in the book's chapters, which are characterized by breadth, honesty and humility, and above all - With a deep commitment to Jewish life. The late Rabbi Ronan Neubirt served as community rabbi for about 15 years in Ra'anana, Caesarea and Petah Tikva. He founded the Beit Hillel rabbinic organization and was its first CEO. He served as the head of overseas ventures in the rabbinical organization Zohar, "Comhelots" and "Zohar Laghaim". Rabbi Neubirt served as a reservist in the 13th Sheyat, had a bachelor's degree in mathematics and computer science, and worked for many years in high-tech as a senior technology manager. His books "Lagaat Azeim" (2016) about the holidays of Israel and "Gesher Halacha" (2020) were also published Published by "Yediot Srifim". Rabbi Ronan passed away on Shabbat HaGadol Tashfa (2021), and he is only 50 years old and in full swing and activity. May this book be his memory and legacy.

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