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The Middle East changes in front of our eyes. The economy becomes the main factor that shapes our region, and Israel's status varies accordingly. Instead of the familiar approach, which has been offered that comprehensive political agreements will lead to economic connections, today the economy's bridge approach is controlled: the incentives for helpful economic connections and help reach political proximity, between Israel and Arab countries. "Abraham's agreements" with the United States and Bahrain, are a definite example of this trend, but they are just the tip of the iceberg. Arab states want in connection with Israel, not because they love Israel (they are not), but because they love themselves. These are struggling daily with dramatic problems - which is largely found in Israeli innovation and geographical location - on water, agriculture, energy, commerce, employment and more. The need for economic relationships is mutual and unlike the past dream of 'New Middle East', to Israel, the business sector and citizens are economic opportunities and historical policy, which should not be missed. This book offers a practical recipe for promoting real bridges with the region's countries, including: - The Saudi future and Israeli midfielder - the gas covenant that will create an alternative to the Turkish track - the economic opportunity of once in a generation to change the paradigm with Lebanon - 'through the new perfumes' that will restore lanes that designed the East Middle East - the Silicon Crescent who is in front of our eyes - the "micro -level" economy bridges in front of a distinct enemy countries - the space race that also reached the Middle East for decades the issue of peace with the Arabs was the one who picked Israel between the right and the left. The sober approach that presents this book may also be the bridge between the political camps in Israel and the outline for anyone who prefers a better reality nowadays over dreams, which is very doubtful when and if they are fulfilled at all. --- Il Hashem is a graduate of the Intelligence Division, which served as a commander and as a senior political and economic investigator. Il has a bachelor's degree in economics and Middle Eastern studies from the University of Haifa, a master's degree in economics from the Hebrew University and experience as a mediator in civil disputes. Today, working in McKinsey, an international company leads to strategic advice, with the desire to make Israel and the world a better and prosperous place.

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