By Golan Avirama (Author)

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Daphne knows exactly what she wants. she wants a cat A little black and a little white, small-small, round and chubby, with a pink nose and a thin meow, which they call Lekick. But when Daphne meets a cat just like that, the magic doesn't happen, and love doesn't spark. All the family members continue to look for a cat like this for Daphne's birthday, and finally a big surprise awaits everyone, as well as the readers. A sweet story full of humor about the hidden ways of the heart. Avirama Golan, journalist, author and translator, has written and translated many children's books, including the acclaimed book Gali's Bubbles of Soap and her new translation of AA Milne's The Bear's Mouth. Her two books for adults, The Crows and Signs of Life, received enthusiastic reviews and became bestsellers. Raya Kers, An illustrator, designer and I am a cartoonist.She won the Yossi Stern Award for particularly high achievements in the field of illustration, and her works were presented in exhibitions and festivals in Israel and around the world.

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