By Golden Shay and Sibiar Katz Tali (Author)

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This book was born from an idea: to write a love story between a boy and a girl, but differently; To write it as life writes love, as a kind of event unfolding between two characters and two voices: a woman will write the girl's voice, a man will write the boy's voice, and between them there will be a ping-pong of writers, chapter one, chapter she, and God forbid - for all the ramifications The unpredictability and the dramatic moments that can arise from such writing. Indeed, the duet between Shay Golden, who wrote the voice of Oren in the book, and Tali Sibiar Katz, who wrote the voice of Maayan, produced a book that is surprising in its power; But he also produced what seem to be two complete works, two coming-of-age stories in a neighborhood in north Tel Aviv in the nineties, which, despite being interwoven, they also each stand on their own: the story of Maayan, who behind the appearance of a beautiful and accepted girl lives her life as the daughter of an addicted criminal to drugs and to a mother who carries on her shoulders the burden of almost impossible parenthood; And the story of Oren, a quiet, introverted and slightly strange boy, who, unlike Maayan, actually grew up in a seemingly solid home, but behind the stable bourgeois image, his family exists in the shadow of a great fracture that threatens to tear it apart from the foundation. Tali Sibiar Katz, who is her first book, reveals herself here as a well-honed writer with a rare ability to capture the tragic with the comic, while the television personality, writer and playwright Shay Golden, author of the bestseller The Good Son, proves here once again what his previous books have already proven: few know To write like this as childhood pain. The Children of Tomorrow is a different and special book on the contemporary bookshelf; This is a captivating book that offers a joint dance for three: a girl, a boy and their readers.

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