By Dr. Edith Eva Agar (Author)

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I don't want you to hear the stories and say, 'My suffering is less important.' I want you to hear my stories and say, 'If she can do it, then I too!' The year 1944 and Edith Ager, a sixteenth and sixteenth gymnastics dancer, was sent to Auschwitz. Hours after her parents perished, Dr. Joseph Mangella forces Edith to dance to amuse him, and for her survival she does. In 1945, when the camp was finally released by United States soldiers, it was removable from the pile of bodies, almost on the verge of death. For many decades, Edith suffered from the survivors' clients and the accusation of the survivors, but the Holocaust mother did not break it; In fact, they helped her learn to fight, live courageously and develop self -resilience. Thirty -five years after the end of the war, she returned to Auschwitz and finally managed to heal to the end and forgive the only man who has not yet been able to forgive him - she herself. Dr. Edith Ager organizes the impressive personal journey story in the heart of other people. For decades, many have helped many - military personnel, wounded war and victims of physical and mental trauma - to be cured of a method that has developed as a clinical psychologist. At the base of Dr. Eger's unique method is the determination: we cannot always control what is happening to us in life but we can choose how to respond to what is happening to us. Dr. Ager examines the way we tend to imprison ourselves in our thoughts and show us how to find the key to freedom. The choice, international bestseller, is a memorable and life -changing book that will give hope and comfort to many generations of readers. Dr. Edith Ager is an esteemed psychologist and survivor of Auschwitz. Lives in La Hoya, California. Her waiting book will be published soon with a meter removal.

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