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classics! The players are detectives who set out to solve a murder mystery: Dr. Blake was found dead on Saturday night, the cause of death has not yet been determined but there is a reasonable suspicion that a cold-blooded murder was committed. The suspects are of course the guests who stayed at the mansion over the weekend. In the game there are 6 soldiers representing 6 different characters, 6 "Instruments of Murder", cards of: characters, instruments of murder, rooms, a game board with 9 rooms drawn on it, registration pages and dice. The purpose of the game: to find out who the murderer is, with what instrument the murder was committed and in which room. (Each time you play, the murderer, the instrument of murder and a place The murders vary.) At the beginning of the game: 1. Hide in an envelope 3 cards of: a room, a murder weapon and a character. This is the solution to the murder. 2. Shuffle all the remaining cards and divide them equally among the players. 3. Each player secretly writes down the cards he received on a sheet Registration. (What he has in his hand cannot be in the envelope). 4. The first player rolls the dice and moves forward according to what they show. Upon arriving in the room, he begins the investigation and raises a detective hypothesis: "I think that in this room, the murderer X murdered Y" after he says That is, the player sitting to his left secretly shows him one card that disproves his hypothesis. After the player has written down what he saw, the turn passes to the next player. By canceling options, each participant can make accusations. You should be focused because any answer can help even if it is secretly given to another player . The winner: the first to discover the answers to the 3 questions: who murdered?, where did he murder? And why murder?

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CLUE| Hebrew

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