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new version, for young people, of the classic game "The Clue". In this game the young detectives have to find out who ate the chocolate cake, at what time and what he drank. In the game: a board, 6 figures as game tools that are placed on white bases, 6 "furniture" that are placed on yellow bases, investigation sheets and a cube. On 4 of the white bases "hour" appears, on one base "crumbs" (marking the culprit), and one base is empty. The different drinks appear on the yellow bases. Before starting the game, mix the bases and place one white base and one yellow base in the center of the board (the bases show the time of the act and the drink that the detectives have to discover.) Each participant moves forward on the board with a character he has chosen and tries to reach a yellow or white circle, which gives him the right to look at the base of the figure or of the piece of furniture. He records the data he discovers on an investigation sheet. In the elimination method, the children find out what appears under the bases in the center of the board. Age: 5 to 8 Number of participants: 2 to 6 Game length: 20 minutes

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