By Shapira Haim (Author)

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Ecclesiastes of the Biblical Philosopher / Shapira Chaim Is life vanity and suffering or supreme happiness? Is there any meaning to our actions under the sun? What will happen in our end? Does wisdom have an advantage? Why can't a just regime be established? What are the interrelationships between happiness and wealth and why wouldn't anyone who loves money swear by money? What is the source of emotions and what do we know about passions? Can the knowledge of death be used as a guide to life? What is written in the scroll of Ecclesiastes invites the reader to think for himself about all the issues with which the wise poet, the author of the scroll, wrestled. Ecclesiastes does not instruct us to think like him, nor does it outline a path for us to follow. It is true that the author of the scroll sprinkles points of reference: vanity, Adam, world, toil, advantage, sun, good, time, light, evil spirit, wisdom, love, fear of God, death - but it was not planted: Ecclesiastes sends us on a journey of navigating individuals into The valley of the great questions. This book describes my journey. Haim Shapira acquired his academic education at Tel Aviv University. He holds two Ph.D degrees, one in mathematics (game theory) and the other in science teaching (on infinity). A senior lecturer at the College of Management, he won the outstanding lecturer award many times and was even named one of the most sought after lecturers in Israel by "Globes", "The Marker" and "Haaretz". He teaches philosophy, psychology, literature and mathematics. Haim Shapira is the author of the bestseller: Conversations on game theory, on the things that are truly important and infinity - the never-ending journey. I was born in Vilnius in 1962 and immigrated to Israel in 1977. I am married to Daniela and the father of Tal and Enbal. After retiring from academic research, I decided to concentrate on spending time with my family, playing the piano, reading the many books that are in my basement and writing. This book is the first in a series of thought books that I would like to write down. The second book will be dedicated to the "philosopher of the night" - Friedrich Nietzsche. See a life with the woman whom you have loved all the days of your life.

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