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Many times when we feel frustrated with the place life has brought us to, what we need to get out of there is just a drop or two of courage juice. The sense of exhaustion that many of us come upon in our careers, in our relationships, and more, KA line for vulnerabilities that we allow or do not allow ourselves to feel and reveal to others.

In her book "The Courage to Dare" Brown - a researcher, writer, lecturer and member of the research faculty at the Graduate School of Social Work - examines the concept of vulnerability in all its various aspects. She examines it through personal stories from her world about parenting, the research she carried out, the doubts that accompanied her along the way and overcoming them.

Brown also talks extensively about her famous TED talk, which is among the most watched in the world, and talks about the experience itself, the insights and the path that led her there.

She shows in her book how important it is to be vulnerable even though vulnerability as it is perceived today can terrorize us.

Brown talks in her book about our fear of exposure of the soul, of what they will say about us.

She insists on the difference between openness that comes from real vulnerability and over-exposing anyone out of a need for attention.

She tells how such vulnerability creates closeness, and how our vulnerability ultimately has the ability to pave the path for us on the way to our goal.

Vulnerability, according to the book, is our way to a life full of satisfaction and self-fulfillment.

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