By Franta Elena (Author)

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Leda, born in Naples, lecturer in English literature at the University of Florence, felt herself to be opening a new life, free for passions and dreams, after her two adult daughters moved to live with their father in Canada. She finally finished bringing them into the world; No one is dependent on her care anymore, and even she herself no longer bothers her. With this optimism she goes on a summer vacation in a beach town. But there, at the water's edge, she encounters a large, rude and noisy Neapolitan family, whose presence confuses her, attracts her and threatens her. Bringing her back to the shadows of the women in her family, who until now thought she had managed to escape from them. Many are the broken, lost things that she pretended she had already left behind - and at the center of them were the ambivalent choices she made as a mother; There are things among them that she has never talked about with anyone. And here now all these emerge in a whirlwind of vivid images. Something twisted inside her, and without being able to control it, secretly, she does a murky, senseless act, the continuation of which causes suffering; An act that, despite her decisions, she is unable to correct and fails to understand. The Dark Daughter (2006) is Ferrante's most mature and perfect novel to date. After 'Troublesome Love' (1999), whose heroine struggles for her identity in front of her mother; After 'Days of Abandonment' (2002), whose heroine reattaches her parts following her husband's departure - Ferrante turns in 'The Dark Daughter' to a mother who collects the fragments of her identity in front of her daughters and in the face of the demanding tyranny of motherhood. No one has yet disrupted the relationship between women in the family unit like Ferrante. This is a brave novel in standing up to the conventions of good motherhood - a book intended for all the women who don't dare to talk about their motherhood like that, and for all the men who think it's silly that they know what goes through women's minds.

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