By Levi Elgrod Dana (Author)

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The little Amazon belongs to me but will never be honored in my kingdom. She will wander this world desperate for a king who will never want her. he. the king of demons The ruler of darkness. I am. The second Amazon for her generation. Fearless and determined. I embark on a journey to free myself from the curse that was placed on me. My blood is stained with the blood of the most powerful king in the upper world. A king who creates the cruel reality in which I am determined to fight. No one prepared me for the moment when I would meet him and realize that his darkness was seething inside of me. She tempts me to surrender to her and binds me to her. I lived knowing that I was created in this world to protect the helpless and save them from the forces of evil. This is my calling. I have no doubt about that. But how will I save myself? The Darkness Beyond, the fifth book in the Upper World series, is a supernatural, suspenseful, passionate and dizzying novel. It was preceded by the books Storms of the North, Flames of the South, Sands of the East and Floods of the West. The Darkness Beyond is the twenty-second book by bestselling author Dana Levy Elgrod.

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