By Lynn Painter (Author)

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In this witty and charming romantic comedy, one girl is forced to relive the worst Valentine's Day ever
after Valentine's Day turns out to be a total disaster, all Emily wants is to hide at her grandmother's house with a mountain of ice cream and wait for the day to come.This one will be over. She falls asleep on the couch, but when she wakes up she finds herself back in her house, in her bed and... it's Valentine's Day again!
And the day after? Again that love day from hell.
Emily realizes that she is stuck in a time loop and has no idea how to get out of it. Again and again she has to watch her boyfriend Josh cheat on her, but what's worse is that she also repeatedly runs into this Nick, who pops up every time in the most inappropriate places.
How many times can you expect a girl to look on from the sidelines as her love life literally goes up in flames? And is there any chance that something good will come out of this endless loop? And what will Emily do when in the middle of all this chaos positive things suddenly start to emerge, just before the universe decides to release her from this time loop?
Lynn Painter succeeds in producing a refreshing and surprising candy for us in a particularly fun and romantic book.
"Absolutely hilarious and delightful" - Kirkus

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