By Kastner Erich (Author)

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Double Ora / Kastner extended the famous story about the twins Ora and Lee who did not know one existed of the other until summer camp brought them together. Between the two, a special relationship was forged and they have one goal: to reunite the family. The writer and journalist Erich Kastner was born on the twenty-third of February 1899 in the city of Dresden, Germany. His mother, Ida, daughter of the butcher Augustin, was married to Emil Kastner, a tanner, who adopted Erich. Since his mother was a sickly woman, little Erich found himself taking care of her and taking care of her. Such treatment, by its very nature, created a great closeness between them which was also reflected in the relationships between the heroes of his books. Indeed, in almost every book you can find names and events from his family and hints about his private life. Growing up, Kastner became the world's most famous German storyteller after the Brothers Grimm. Kastner loved children, wrote about them and fought for their rights. We will not tell you the content of "The Double Light", one of the favorite children's books of all time, the new translation of which is before you, we will only tell you that in this book the heroines fight for children's rights and, among other things, the right of boys and girls to hear the truth from their parents. Erich Kastner's children's books have been translated into many languages and published in many editions. In the Hebrew language, all of Kastner's children's books appeared in the "Ahiasaf" publishing house.

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