By Arno Annie (Author)

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In early October I slept several times with P., a political science student I met during the vacation ... I knew I was at risk, but I couldn't believe it could hit me. ' When it comes to love and pleasure, I didn't feel that I had a different body in that of men. ' The event, Annie Arno's book, deals with illegal abortion in France of the 1960s: a twenty-three girl, a brilliant and daughter student to the workers' family, is forced to cope alone, with the danger of death and with a few friends, with her fate as someone who entered an unwanted pregnancy-during the period When women were already free to have sex outside the marriage. Annie Arno - one of the well -known and groundbreaking writers in France today - writes autobiographical fiction uniquely. Her simple and subdued style, the outline of a powerful saturation of life, creates an exciting stories meeting. The event deals with abortion and resonance of social and emotional silence that is in relation to it - to this day. He makes what doesn't remember his date, what they tend to note, the "event", to what can be written about him, to speak. He takes out the words of the words of so many women to culture. 'For years I've been around this event in my life. Reading in the novel about abortion from a shockless shock or thoughts, as if the words are immediately changed with a violent feeling ... Time started moving with this story, and it drags me despite my desire ... I want to sink again at the time in my life and know what is in it. This careful test will wear a story form, which alone can revive an event that was only time inside and outside me. '

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