By Sharon Hayon Ginat (Author)

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When I was born I had everything, but now I have nothing. I have nothing more to lose. I got a second chance, maybe a chance for a new start. I take her, but only because she brings me closer to him, to the one I've been waiting for for seven years. I will never give him up. I will never give up on him. I didn't expect to meet you on the way. Precisely now, when I have already stopped believing that you exist. Because of you, dreams I no longer dared to dream come back to haunt me. They give me hope, they confuse me. "Say something. Say something more, please..." He I was born with nothing and achieved everything. I fought against everyone, I reached the point I aspired to reach. I'm living the dream and I won't let anyone ruin it. Neither do you. I didn't expect to meet you. I'm not ready for you to make me feel this way. You lie, you play, you confuse me. You are dangerous and I have to get rid of you. But you are perfect. And you are hiding a secret. I have to find out what it is. One thing I know - today, I have a lot to lose... because of you. The Fighting Lioness by Sharon Hayon Ginat. Book one of the Fighting Lioness Duet as part of the Lions series. An immersive and mesmerizing plot, full of mystery and tension. Ginat weaves a sophisticated and bewitching story and leaves the reader breathless and thirsty for more. A total of four books in the Lion series which are divided into two duets, the fighting lioness duet and the legendary lion duet.

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