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The fastest player with the best strategy to finish the cards in his hands first will win! A challenging card game that requires quick thinking, sleight of hand, a little luck and knowledge. The goal - to be the first who managed to "get rid" of all the cards in his hands. withinFor a quick game you learn about the countries, flags, continents and their capital cities. Each participant in turn places a card or takes a card from the pot. You can place a country card (of equal/higher numerical value) or a joker. The joker cards in the game jump and confuse everyone... as soon as a joker is placed, each player may "burst out" out of turn and place a suitable card. The first player to get rid of all the cards in their hands wins the trophy! After 4 rounds, whoever has accumulated the most trophies, wins the game!!! Learned skills: knowledge enrichment, speed of thought, visual perception, concentration and discrimination

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THE FLAG| Hebrew

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