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Dive into Parisian society at the end of the 19th century
following the romantic fate of three heroines.
May 4, 1897: The great fire in Paris (which happened in reality) meant death for many.
But for four women it is salvation!
During a charity event for the aristocracy, a magnificent fair in the heart of Paris, a fire breaks out and quickly spreads to the clothes and hats of the visitors. The doors, which open only inwards, are blocked by the crowds. Dozens of high society women with their maids, paralyzed in front of the flames, burned alive or trampled under the cowardice of the men. More than 120 people die within minutes.
For Alice and Adrian, two upper-class women, this catastrophe also means an opportunity to break free from the shackles that society imposes on them, to escape from their unloved men and follow their hearts. At the same time, Emmeline the anarchist and Lucille - an ambitious independent journalist - manage to overcome all this chaos and reinvent themselves.
In the name of all the unidentified bodies, and against all odds, they manage to bring out the truth...
Odile Boyer (born in Cannes, 1970), is a screenwriter and writer, author of several notable award-winning historical thrillers. The book is being adapted into a series on Netflix.
Loves, betrayals, family secrets, police investigations, struggles for the liberation of women - a novel rich in intrigue and upheavals of this stormy end of the century.

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