By Weiss Gabai Tamar (Author)

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The local forecast of a remote town is the only one capable of warning of lightning floods that threaten the area. Among the residents, her ability is almost supernatural, and gives her a special status, but when she predicted blacks, not everyone is ready to hear what she has to say, her family and social relations are undermined and everything becomes cloudy. The forecaster, teacher and girl and fish, the three novella chapters, tell the story of three family members, who live in neighboring but prominent in their loneliness in the world. In a clear and conquering language, Tamar Weiss Gabay sketches an extraordinary novella on our relationship to nature and our experience of the wild. At the same time, she embroidered another layer, in which the heroes' attitude to nature actually reflects what is going on in their inner landscape, and before us a drama develops that captivates our hearts to the end. Bio: Tamar Weiss Gabay writes for adults and children. On her writing for children, she won the Deborah Omar Award for 2022. Fruit stories were published in anthology and journals in Israel and abroad. From ease and editors of the Journal Literature, established and led social literary projects such as the Israel writers and poets forum, two - a dilat project to contemporary and Hebrew literature, street libraries in Jerusalem and more. Her latest publications deal with ecology and human relations. The playwright is her third adult book.

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