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My story from 0 to the company of billions
One woman calls her husband and says to him: "Some crazy person is driving against the traffic in Ayalon."
The husband answers her: "One? There are thousands.”
I have felt this way for years; Thousands of people travel against the direction of traffic, and only I am in the right direction. It wasn't always easy, realizing that I was swimming against the current. To walk around the world with the feeling that my opinions are unusual and incomprehensible to others.
Today I understand that I had the freedom to think outside the box. This freedom brought me money thanks to a method - "the freedom to think".
February 2019. The finance manager runs to me excited and tells me: "We earned $379 million, net profit, in 2018." I look at him and do a quick calculation in my head. This profit is worth several tens of millions of dollars to me.
And what now?
What does a person do who has been a 'money fighter' all his life and has achieved much more than he wanted?
Should you keep running to get more?
I did not want.
This is how the book "The Freedom to Think" was born.
I wanted to share with you the method that helped me achieve financial freedom and at the same time profits that are not related to money.

The freedom to think - the method
The first law of the method is "my profit". In this law you ask yourself: "Where is my profit?" - financial, health, romantic profit or the devil knows which. My path was methodical, and every move had a reason.
This book summarizes the method I developed - with 9 simple rules. When out of the desire to make money, a general method for profit in any field was developed.
This method should also bring you a big profit with little effort, and this is my profit...

the "gold" I discovered with the method

| understand the world A good life make money | to be fit | Breathe correctly walk and run right | The new Zionism The meaning of relationships Nutrition suitable for a person Life without drugs When should you give up? Habits for success Zero headaches The best sport A profession for success The spirit of the Bible Healthy teeth Raise successful children keep the money | Sleep well How to get good partners |

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