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Dr. Edith Eger, psychotherapist and Holocaust survivor, gives us a gift: a practical guide that gently encourages us to change the thoughts that hinder our development and stop the destructive behaviors that hold us back.
In her first and powerful book, the international bestseller - The Choice - Edith Eger told us the story of her survival in the death camps, her rescue, rehabilitation and her path to freedom. Thousands of people around the world wrote to Agar how much her book moved them and how it helped them deal with their past and heal their pain. Many asked her to write another book, this time a self-help book.

In her current book, The Gift, Agar explains that the most horrible prison she stayed in was her own. She describes twelve prison beliefs known to her, among others - fear, sorrow, anger, secrets, pressure, guilt, shame and avoidance - and the tools she discovered to deal with these emotions. Each chapter, accompanied by stories from Agar's life and the lives of her patients, includes thought-provoking questions and the moral of the mind:
Would you like to be married for yourself?
Are you developing or are you turning around yourself?
What is the legacy you want to pass on?
Acknowledge your anger and hatred, don't let them become a prison. set them free.
The gift book is a practical guide full of eye-opening insights, empathy and humor, which teaches us how to curb destructive behavior patterns and imprisoning thoughts, find freedom and live our lives as if every day is a gift.

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