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85 years ago, one of the most ambitious studies in history was launched: a team of psychologists from Harvard University followed the lives of two thousand people for decades, with the aim of discovering the secret of happiness. The answer, as it consistently turned out throughout all the years of research, is within reach.

So what, then, are the things that give us a life of happiness and satisfaction? What are those things that make our lives good? Are these money, physical health or perhaps the control over events and the feeling of certainty?

Dr. Robert Waldinger and Dr. Mark Schultz, the directors of the research in recent years, present in this inspiring book his surprising (and encouraging, admittedly) findings, and spice up the data and numbers with numerous examples from the stories and testimonies of the participants, as well as useful and simple advice to apply on the way to life of happiness and meaning.

"The Good Life" is a fascinating and cross-period social mosaic, which provides a rare glimpse into the human soul and conclusive scientific proof that there is no substitute for a warm and close relationship with the people around us. Dr. Waldinger's lecture on the TED website, in which he presents the results of the research, is one of the most watched lectures ever on the website.

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