By Bullet Daniel (Author)

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What is the source of excellent organizational culture, how you will build and maintain it in your group in the group code book Daniel Koil to the mascots of some of the world's most successful organizations - including the United States Army 'Lions' team, Ideo Giant International Design, and the brilliant basketball team' San Antonio Spurs - and finds what drives them. It disperse the mystery from the process of building group culture by identifying three major skills that create cohesion and cooperation: creating security, sharing vulnerability, and formulating a target. Using examples of the leading Internet shoe retailer 'Zapos' to a bold jewelry gang, offers a specific strategies that raise learning, start collaboration, trust and encourage positive change. Kuil reveals success and failure stories, analyzes and handles common obstacles and share the reader in advice to repair toxic culture. The group cipher incorporates a groundbreaking science, practical insights of first -class world leaders and practical ideas for action, and offers a roadmap to create an environment in which innovation is booming, resolved problems and expectations. The group cipher put the power in your hands, regardless of your group size or purpose. This book will teach you the principles that make individual people into winning teams.

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