By Dr. Ben Shahar Tal and Ridgeway Angus (Author)

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Think about the last time you were at your best and worked at the height of concentration. Now compare this to all the times when you only filled tasks, one after one, without a joy. How would you quantify the difference between the two cases in terms of feeling and output? Is it a five percent difference according to your rank. Most people will describe the gap between these two situations as expansion, deep and powerful. Regarding the quality of the experience, commitment, output and joy of life, most of the people who were asked to rate the difference between prosperity and shuffle revealed that it was about 10 times more. Wei a team of people who constantly function at their peak, make work look effortless, and easy to work with. The name given to these few luckily is '10 times leaders'. You know who they are. They are the team leaders who take out the best of everyone. They are the senior executives who lead to growth and renewal. They are the bosses from the dreams, the couple, the dreams of work from dreams. There is a great chance that you have met at least a 10 -fold leader in your career - you probably think of him now, and you wonder how he did it. They identified the core features, the common cognitive behaviors and style of leaders to the leaders 10. The SharP program (strength, health, commitment, relationships and goal) are revolutionized to become a 10 times leader. They offer proven strategies to succeed in acquiring features and habits for continuous change - a change that can bring us more satisfaction and success, not only at work but in every area of ??life.

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