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Endearing characters... sharp writing, and unconventional use of conventional imagery, Hazelwood navigates the turbulent waves of the world of academia... this smart and sexy contemporary novel will delight all romance lovers. Publishers Weekly *** When a fake relationship between two scientists meets an uncontrollable attraction, all the calculated and precise theories of one particular scientist become entangled in the chaos of love. Third-year PhD student Olive Smith doesn't believe in long-term romantic relationships. But her best friend actually does believe, and that's exactly what leads her to a crazy entanglement. Olive knew that in order to convince Anne that she was indeed in a real relationship, and that she was on her way to a life of happiness and wealth, she would have to provide solid evidence. Scientists demand proof. So like any self-respecting scientist, Olive freaks out and kisses the first man she sees. This man is none other than Dr. Adam Carlson, a young professor and a meteor in the sky of science, who is also known as a first-class buffoon. Which is exactly why Shella Olive is amazed to discover that the big star of Stanford agrees to play the game and be her fake boyfriend. But life is not An experiment under laboratory conditions and Olive discovers that hypothesizing about love is nice, but putting her heart under a microscope is much more complex. *** "A literary breakthrough... The hypothesis of love is a personal debut book, and our hypothesis says that this book is the first spark of the wonder that emerges from a writer who somehow has the audacity to be both an academy star and a writer with heavenly talent." Entertainment Weekly *** Ellie Hazelwood is a New York Times bestselling author who has written The Hypothesis of Love as well as several articles in neuroscience research , in which no one gives a damn and to this day not everyone lives happily ever after. When she's not working, she can be found running, eating colorful cakes, or watching sci-fi movies with her two chubby cats (and her husband, who is a little less feline).

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